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What are the first few things that come to your mind when you think about convenience foods, ‘mass manufactured’, ‘unhealthy’, and ‘low-quality’. But does convenience food always have to mean unhealthy? Crocodeli was founded with the aim of completely changing this perspective about convenience food. We understand the emphasis placed on healthy eating by the newer generations and how the older generations are picking up on that as well. And also because we understand that people are finding it increasingly difficult to prepare specialised meals that are healthy for everyone in the family, we are here to take the burden off your mighty shoulders. Hence, our expertise goes towards identifying convenience foods that can be made with high-quality, EU-grown ingredients that are also very easy to make.
Crocodeli specialises in crafting high-quality, eating-made-easy foods. Our dedicated team of professionals is passionate about developing snack and meal combinations that are effortless to make while ensuring a high standard of quality with every bite. To achieve this, we have collaborated with the best food producers from across Europe. This has allowed us to incorporate the best flavours into classic dishes that everyone in your family will love.

Our manufacturing facilities are accredited with the highest grade of GFSI certification for food safety. The ingredients that we use in our meal kits are homegrown in the European Union. To know more about our process and products, get in touch with us at [email protected].